Renee Cullinan, Co-Founder: Stop Meeting Like This (Client)

We came to Treehouse with a big ask: Help us find two amazing people to join a small company in the middle of a pandemic and when the company itself was going through an ownership transition. Undaunted, Treehouse really came through for us. They found us multiple qualified candidates for each role. And because Kate and her team took the time to really “get us,” we liked everyone we interviewed. The process was so smooth and easy — and the people we hired have been spectacular additions to the team. This was our first time using a recruiter as opposed to tapping our networks and I can say with certainty that investment was very worthwhile.

Julie Moore, Strategy & Leadership Consultant, Candidate

I am so grateful to Kate and Treehouse for shepherding me through a recruitment process that ultimately helped me land in a perfect company and role for me. I’m still not sure how Treehouse found me, but they instantly knew the opportunity would be a fit for me and vice versa – and the match between my experience and what I was looking for with the company and role I ended up in was like threading a needle, and yet that’s exactly what she did. Equally important to recognizing the potential fit was Treehouse’s partnership through the process. I consistently felt like she had my best interest at heart and can point to several instances where she stepped outside the “normal” role of a recruiter to make sure I felt confident, supported, and cared for throughout the process. And now a year later, Treehouse continues to check in on me and make sure I’m thriving – which, thanks to them, I definitely am!

Keith Ferrazzi, Author, Never Eat Alone and Founder/CEO Ferrazzi Greenlight

For all intents and purposes, Kate is our Head of Talent Acquisition… she has not only found us great people across a number of positions (from EA to COO), but partnered with us to help us think differently about how we recruit and retain our team. She and her team work tirelessly for us, with an integrity and honesty that we haven’t always experienced with other recruiters. I have no hesitation in whole-heartedly recommending their services.

Meghann Seidner, Brand Director, Zico Coconut Water

Kate has come through for me over the years to fill both contract and permanent marketing positions, ranging from social media specialists to brand managers. Some of my best hires have come through Kate, and I will be sure to reach out to her for my future hiring needs.

Rae Tanner, Instructional Designer and Facilitator

As an experienced consultant, instructional designer and facilitator, I have a tough time finding qualified sourcing firms to broker me into right-fit organizations.

Kate has been an invaluable resource for me. She understood exactly the kind of engagements I was looking for and immediately placed me on a fantastic project serving one of the top 3 automakers in a “sweet spot” role. Kate is a perfect conduit between me and the client, and is now helping ME source talent for the project’s hiring needs. She supports me in all critical areas–fit, terms, pay, input-feedback and long-term career development. I consider Kate to be the key to my current high level of engagement and professional fulfillment. She’s the very best, and I’m grateful.

Patricia Shu, Founder/CEO, Design Intensified, LLC

It can be difficult and time consuming to locate great talent so I am relieved to have Kate and her team.

I trust the candidates they send me will be experienced, knowledgeable, personable and meet my salary and schedule requirements. We look forward to growing our team with the Treehouse Partners!

Claude Tellis, CEO, Naturade and Managing Director, Towerview Capital

Kate and her team have a unique ability to find us candidates that are not only a match in terms of raw skillset, but also a fit for our culture. I appreciated their integrity and honesty as well as their ability to think creatively to help solve our human capital needs.  We’re a mid-sized company that doesn’t often spend on recruiting services… with Kate and her team, the investment was a clear win for us and we’re thankful to have partnered with them.

Michael Garfinkel, Communications Professional, Candidate

In an industry famous for its mixed reviews from candidates and employers alike, Treehouse Partners restores faith in the recruitment sector. The firm’s management style, attitude, treatment of candidates, friendly demeanor, responsiveness, thoroughness, and quality of work help set it apart from the hundreds of agencies in the industry who exhibit little regard for candidate feelings and show a true lack of appreciation and respect by failing to follow up and communicate with job seekers. I am very fortunate to have found Treehouse Partners, and I would highly recommend them to both employers and candidates. They understand the industry, but, more importantly, they understand people.

Sound good so far?

Sound good so far?

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