Our Approach

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As a full-service recruiting firm, we work with our clients from start to finish to identify, screen, and on-board talent for a variety of business functions (ranging from Strategy to Accounting to Finance to Marketing to Sales to Legal and everything in between). Treehouse Partners will meet with your team; understand your hiring needs and culture; source, interview, and present candidates; run background and reference checks; negotiate offers and contracts; initiate all new hire processes; and remain partnered with both client and candidate through the first year on the job and beyond.

What makes us different?
The founders of Treehouse Partners started out as hiring managers at some of the world’s top brands- a unique perspective and expertise among recruiters. Anyone can match a resume to a job description or go down a list and check off qualifications. We have seen enough successes and failures, hired and fired enough people to have a keen understanding of the intangibles that go into retaining top talent. We consider cultural fit, personality, values, and goals in a way other recruiters don’t. In addition to all of this, our clients have told us that our love of our jobs reflects upon the results we produce… we arrive at this profession with all the excitement and passion you had when you woke up on that summer Saturday and armed yourself with a rope ladder and toolbox and climbed up the old maple tree.